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Innovative, New Technology That Helps Control Hospital Acquired Infections.


Theraworx ™ is a patented broad spectrum hygiene skin management system. It is formulated to restore the skin’s natural defense properties, while remaining non-toxic and total body safe. Theraworx ™ Technology delivers non-rinse care for any type of patient in a foam, spray, or cloth.

The unique ingredients in Theraworx™ perform three key functions:

Clean the area with highly specialized surfactants.

Restore the skin’s natural defense properties

Preserve the skin with state-of-the-art formulation


Avadim Technologies, Inc was formed in 2007 in hopes of providing the healthcare community a variety of Therapeutic Skin Care products. The mission of Avadim Technologies, Inc is to provide innovative, evidence based, therapeutic skin care products. The vision is to become one of the leading therapeutic skin care companies in North America.