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Help Control Hospital Acquired Infections

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Innovative, New Technology That Helps Control Hospital Acquired Infections.


Theraworx ™ is a patented broad spectrum hygiene skin management system. It is formulated to restore the skin’s natural defense properties, while remaining non-toxic and total body safe. Theraworx ™ Technology delivers non-rinse care for any type of patient in a foam, spray, or cloth.

The unique ingredients in Theraworx™ perform three key functions:

Clean the area with highly specialized surfactants.

Restore the skin’s natural defense properties

Preserve the skin with state-of-the-art formulation


Avadim Technologies, Inc was formed in 2007. The name Avadim means to serve. We have a passion to serve globally through our safe & healthy Theraworx™ technology by changing standard health care practices in fighting unnecessary infections. Learn more about how Avadim gives back here. Learn more about Avadim Technologies, Inc product line – Theraworx™.