About Theraworx

Theraworx™ is a patented, total body pH and Hygiene skin management system that is designed to restore the skin’s natural defense properties, while remaining non-toxic and total body safe. The Theraworx™ Technology delivers care for any type of patient resident with a multi delivery system in a foam, spray, or cloth.

Clean the area with highly specialized surfactants
Restore the skin’s natural defense properties
Preserve the skin with state-of-the-art formulation





Hospitals find Theraworx highly effective thwarting costly Urinary Tract Infections
-Several trials find skin-friendly technology inhibits catheter-associated urinary tract infections in ICUs and ORs-

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Clobbering CAUTI
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, the flagship facility of FirstHealth of the Carolinas, has 395 beds. As a regional referral center, it provides emergency, outpatient, and advanced medical and surgical services.

How they did it: Theraworx Technology with the SilverFirst Protocol.

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